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Communicating in joint venture teams

by Jo Ann Sweeney - 16:29 on 05 February 2014

Many of us now work with joint venture partners. Our company has joined forces with others and won a massive contract we’re responsible for delivering.

But we struggle because the team has so many dynamics – different corporate cultures, business objectives, management styles, processes, best practices and awkward people.

Is it possible to create a cohesive team that works together and does a good job? Perhaps yes, if there are enough similarities between the company cultures to outweigh the differences. Here are some tried and tested tips to swing the balance.

Bring people together at the beginning of your project, programme or campaign. Face-to-face in the same room if possible, otherwise via video conferencing so they can see each others’ faces and body language.

This time together is to get as many of the shadow issues out into the open as possible. It’s also time to socialise and build relationships. The more people trust each other the more likely they are to collaborate.

Introduce a shared IT platform for managing the project so everyone sees the same information. Choose an app that updates in real time, where everyone can see tracked changes and share notes and documents.

Set up regular catch up session for sharing and team building. As well as talking business, include recognition for good work and some relaxed and fun activities that cement relationships. You can do this via video almost as well as face-to-face.

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